May 10, 2013

Margi Sweeton, Wichita, May-June 2013

Designs of the Celtic Isles
Paintings & Pastels by
Margi Sweeton
May1–July 2
Reception Sunday, May 19, 3–5 pm

     Margi Sweeton’s rich and colorful paintings and pastels feature themes and motifs of Celtic scriptural embellishments. These not only capture your visual attention, but may inspire contemplation.
     Medieval monks preserving and copying biblical scripture in Ireland and England, included very intricate designs in borders, scriptural illustrations, and chapter headings, based on the traditional Celtic motifs carried over from before conversion. They also included highly stylized animal, plant and human forms in pleasing patterns. Sweeton’s interpretation of these forms is faithful to the old form and style, but large and often positioned to focus attention on specific elements. Rich colors and intricate patterns of knot-work and intertwining forms are entrancing.
     The original work of the medieval monks was meant not only to decorate, but also to inspire and symbolize the complex intertwining that connects people and living things. The art was produced also as a meditative devotional work of hands. You will find that following the twisting, intricate forms by eye in the gallery absorbing and relaxing.
     Sweeton, who acquired her BFA in painting and continues to paint in both oil, acrylic, and pastel, is also a writer with a keen interest in historical novels, specifically eleventh century Celtic and Viking history. She has exhibited locally and has been represented by Murillo Studio and Gallery in Wichita since 2002.
     A reception for the Margi Sweeton will be held Sunday, May 19, 3–5 pm at the VAAM Gallery, 223 South Main Street, located in the McPherson Opera House. Also displayed are paintings, pottery, jewelry, and other work by gallery members.

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